About Lived2Tell

LIVED2TELL Cancer Support Outreach, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)3 cancer support organization founded in 2000 by three time breast cancer survivor, Cheryl Brown. LIVED2TELL was birthed out of Cheryl’s strong desire to overcome the fear of her own recurring cancer that she faced without access to a strong support system. Cheryl felt led by God to offer assistance to women in her community with limited resources who also were battling this disease. Ms. Brown began to nurture, provide transportation and financial support to other women she met, who, like her, were struggling through breast cancer challenges without help. Due to the severity of her cancer diagnosis; in 2001; Cheryl was forced to retire from Corporate America. It was after this, that Ms. Cheryl Brown established LIVED2TELL Cancer Support Outreach, Inc with the mission to educate, encourage, support and uplift individuals faced with the diagnosis of cancer.

In the early years, LIVED2TELL exclusively assisted women diagnosed with breast cancer and now has extended their services to people battling all forms of cancer. It became clear to her that cancer was no respecter of persons and that this disease affects a multitude of men and women alike. As a three time breast cancer patient without family in the state she resides, Cheryl Brown understands the negative impact that lack of access to a strong support system can have. Cheryl has made it her life’s mission and purpose to pour back into her community to ensure that cancer patients have access to the help necessary to maintain a good quality of life, thus increasing their chances of defeating their cancer diagnosis.

Ms. Brown continued serving cancer patients one at a time while assembling a team of CAN-Survivor volunteers so that they would LIVE to TELL others. (A CAN-Survivor is a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment). In 2004, with the help of the community through charitable donations, fundraisers, training seminars and speaking engagements, funds were donated and monies were raised to help cover the expenses associated with transport of patients to and from doctor appointments, groceries for families, utility assistance, delinquent rent assistance, various medical bills and much more.

We invite you, the Supporter, Sponsor, Can-Survivors and their families to join along with us in our vision to BUILD, STRENGTHEN AND UPLIFT families in their time of need.

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