Lived2Tell Events

Throughout the year LIVED2TELL uses various methods to educate and reach out to cancer survivors and their loved ones.

LIVED2TELL hosts several annual events to fund year round community provided services. The purpose of these events is to raise money to strengthen, uplift and educate those who fall prey to any form of cancer, and to enhance the spiritual perspective of people dealing with cancer. In addition, we re-enforce to them that God’s hands are in their situation, so that they will feel good about themselves and remain positive through their journey. These events allow the community to gather together as one to remember, celebrate and acknowledge men, women, children and families that have crossed the finish line and cheer on those who are still in the race.

LIVED2TELL's charity performances thus far: Seminars, Mentoring Programs, Photo Shoots, Raffle Giveaways, Poetry Events, Comedy Show, Fashion Shows, Dances, Banquets, Car Wash, Memoir and Commemoration and much more to come to reach the community about the importance of cancer screening and awareness.

“My name is Shemeika “Mercedez” Hanchett, I am a professional model. I am not a “CAN-Survivor” but I do understand the difficulties of being diagnosed with cancer. Several of my family members have battled with cancer. I have pledged to give my services to LIVED2TELL to help others by walking the runway to give each viewer a level of confidence that when they look good they feel good. “Wigs on the Run” has done just that and more. It has allowed me to be able to model wigs to encourage, uplift and inspire someone to FIGHT another day harder. It was an honor to wear a wig that a “CAN-Survivor” selected. It was a great feeling to see someone enjoy the makeover we provided!” Thank you LIVED2TELL for your “Wigs on the Run” events!

Sponsors & Supporters

LIVED2TELL Cancer Support Outreach, Inc., would like to say THANK YOU to all our supporters, sponsors and volunteers for helping us to reach many in need of a “I Can-Survive” mindset by supporting our events.

American Cancer Society DeKalb Comprehensive Physical Therapy Words That Heal The Soul JessRoc Productions FJA Imaging ZK Designs Woody Booker

Upcoming Events:

Casting call for cancer patients who are six months or more in remission to sign up for our training program.

Check back for future events sponsored by LIVED2TELL!

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