Founder's Poem


Lord why me? People say I am a woman with game but WHY ME?
Why do they say and see different of ME?

Can’t they see I have endured many things
from broken hearts to broken marriages,
lust, cancer and low self-esteem

What do you see?

You say you see me as a Queen but yet I had to scream
What do I have to do to be a Queen?
Is it my walk? Is it my talk?
Or can it be my clothes or maybe it’s my hair
Lord tell me “WHY ME”
Why do people keep judging and taking me for granted
do they not know
Who I am...
You said you have chosen me to be an inspiration of LIFE
and that I shall LIVE 2 TELL others WHY ME!!!
But Lord I don’t understand
why must I endure so much to be free within?

Listen my child:
I took you through broken heartedness so you could see
I took you through the sins of immorality so you could trust in me
and most of all my love I carried you through Cancer so you could see The TRINITY
three times, every seven years
so that you could become COMPLETE WITHIN and began a NEW BEGINNING
so that you could believe and receive my blessings as well as your self-esteem

Now do you still want to know “WHY ME”?
Well my child you are a miracle in a disguise
and no one will every know
until they meet you inside
That is “WHY”

CLB “promise”@ 2001

designed by Frequency I/O