B. Paris

Her Testimony...

"I am a five year breast cancer survivor and I was referred to LIVED2TELL through a VA Hospital Social Worker. I was homeless and unable to get to and from my doctor appointments. LIVED2TELL's founder, Ms. Cheryl came to the hospital to pick me up and help me with so much! She is a strong, single mother living each day to tell others that their lives have just begun and that cancer is not the end of their journey but to encourage us that it’s just the beginning of the end of the first phase of our lives. LIVED2TELL is Ms. Cheryl who is the example that we (cancer patients) can survive.  With all my struggles, I have endure this year and in the past, Ms. Cheryl has seen me through each; from breast cancer, breast reconstruction, homelessness, the death of my children, my addiction to crack cocaine, several attempts at suicide and the worst severe depression I've had to face. She never judged me nor left me. She was there with me every step of the way even through her own battle with cancer and raising her family as a single parent. LIVED2TELL Cancer Support Outreach, Inc is more than worthy of any or all the support they can be given to them. As a SURVIVOR through many tribulations, I'm a Supporter and one who is living to tell how I have LIVED TO TELL, as Cheryl has done, I ask that you please reach deep within and commit to helping this outstanding and supportive organization reach out to others battling with cancer."

B. Paris, Clarkston, GA