Ms. Doris Fain

Her Testimony...

“I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer December 2004, what a dark day that was….but God is still in control no matter what it is. I tried to be strong for my daughter on that day, she went with me to confirm that it was true, too hurt too cry, did not want to show my daughter the hurt. Guess what I went to have done? My nails and feet at the salon, that took away all the thinking about what was going to happen the next several weeks. The process over the next year was very tiring days, but I had good support from friends, family, children that I have adopted through life and of course, LIVED2TELL; she has been a tremendous help to my family when they needed to be at work. I am still fighting cancer today and every day I BELIEVE and TRUST GOD. There are days that I had to be strong for my family and me, but I always remember that God was in control and that’s what made me strong. I also want to thank Cheryl Brown for her “Wigs on the Run” fundraiser event which I received a makeover and a wig (smiling); I really appreciate what she is doing for survivors through LIVED2TELL – Thank you!”

Ms. Doris Fain - Stockbridge, GA