Gwendolyn McDaniel

Her Testimony...

In Memory of my husband – Mr. Woody McDaniel:

In October 2007, my husband, Woody McDaniel had a light stroke. He owned his own business and worked long hours each day for years.  As a result of his work and eating habits he had high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Eleven months after his stroke he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As time passed it became more challenging to perform the necessary duties as the primary caregiver.

A friend recommended Cheryl Brown with Lived2Tell to us. She was willing to come into our home and help, provide information we were unfamiliar with, sit with my husband to relieve me to take care of other things. Ms Brown was there with us throughout the 18 months that my husband lived. And she became a friend of the family and today still checks on the family.

We were blessed to have access to Ms Brown through Lived2Tell. I highly recommend the organization to other families.

Gwendolyn McDaniel