Mr. Horace Rudolph Garrison

His Testimony...

“It was a nightmare to find out that I had prostate cancer. I WAS SO TERRIFIED. I am a believer in Christ but FEAR TOOK OVER ME. One day I was playing hooky from work and to return back to work I needed a doctor excuse. I went in for a note came out with cancer. Underwent surgery had 60 days of radiation seed therapy. (Radiation seed therapy involves implanting a radioactive seed into the cancer)

My nightmare began because I started wondering and thinking I would die. At night was the worse for me. I was being torment by the devil telling me I was dying. Began thinking i would die and it didn’t help when People started calling that had not called me before. There questions placed more fear in me.

Lost appetite and lost of weight frighten me; the thought of losing my sexual drive scared me. It took 60 days to realize that I had to rely on my strength and trust god. Even today when I lose weight the thought of prostate cancer is back comes up; the thought of losing my sexual drive is a reality it does happen but there are alternatives to satisfy your mate. You must keep a level head and trust in the lord and thank GOD you are alive and live every moment to the fullness regardless of your situation. I did and again the journey was not pretty nor was it or is it this great or perfect picture. I was a complete nightmare for me but I am a survivor and thankful to be here!”

Mr. Horace Rudolph Garrison, Conyers, GA