Our Team

LIVED2TELL is comprised of a Governing Board, Independent Contractors, Volunteers and Supporters who are committed to our vision.

Founder and Executive Director

Ms. Cheryl L. Brown was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 10, 1961. She is single mother of three and a proud grandmother who resides in Lithonia, Georgia. Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer at the early age of 24 and LIVES with a story that will greatly fill your heart and soul with encouragement and will inspire and motivate you to help others LIVE to do the same. She is full of life and has such a joyful countenance. Her energetic spirit and perpetual smile are sure to rub off on those around her.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ira Shucker, CPA


Dashia M. Simmons

Volunteer Advisor(s):

Professional Medical Speaker
Dr. Jayanthi Srinivasiah, (Dr. Jay) MD
Georgia Cancer Specialist, DeKalb Medical Hospital

Oncologist Nurse
Angela Harris, RN
Oncology Nurse, Georgia Cancer Specialist

Legal Services
Jennifer Haynes, Attorney, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Survivor
Haynes & Associates, Attorney at Law

Haley Schwartz, Attorney - Breast Cancer Legal Project - Breast Cancer Referrals

Spiritual Ministries
Minister Mia Buggs, Divine Revelations Ministries

Social Work
Margorie Osheroff, Social Worker - DeKalb Medical Hospital

Volunteer Leadership Team(s):

Health Educator and Fundraising Committee
Keva Edwards, Exercise Physiologist, Well Pointe Services & Owner, A Healthy Fit, Inc.

“I CAN-Survive” Training Program
Annie Johnson, Educator and Breast Cancer Survivor

Home Care Services – (WIN Program & The Brook Project)
Shea Wiggins, Breast Cancer Survivor

Yvonne Dixon, Breast & Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Transportation Services
Rudy Garrison, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Events Committee
Angela Smith, Loan Officer & Caregiver of family members

Gwen McDaniel, Independent Distributor, Caregiver and Widow of Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Marketing and Transportation Services
Stephanie Walker, Insurance Agent & Caregiver of family members

Debbie Frazier, Independent Distributor & Caregiver of family members


Patient and Transportation Referrals
American Cancer Society – Roads to Recovery

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