Lived2Tell's Perszonalized Services

"It was nice to have support that you can call on 24 hours a day, where you can talk to people who have been through what you've been through."

2002 W.I.N Program Client
– Ms. Shea Carter (breast cancer Survivor)

We recognize that cancer changes a person's “Lifestyle” therefore LIVED2TELL is here to guide and support the Can-Survivor lifestyle with a “I Can-survive” mindset. Because each diagnosis has its own lifestyle, LIVED2TELL assists your lifestyle with personal care and support for the distinctive effects of your respective diagnosis. We provide one-on-one support for just diagnosed cancer patients in most cases those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments in the Georgia area with some exceptions in other states. Our team helps cancer patients to and from medical appointments; while increasing cancer awareness and bridging support for individuals faced with cancer and it’s challenges.

LIVED2TELL assist your “Lifestyle” by providing comprehensive services ranging from Home and Non-medical Assistance, Medical/Nutritional Care, Non-Emergency Medical Concierge Services-Transportation (H.O.P.E. V.A.N. – Helping Our People Evolve through Visitation and Nurturing) and Additional Services such as phone support, child care, prescription assistance and etc. In most cases, LIVED2TELL personalized services are rendered by cancer survivors who have LIVED2TELL their story and are willing to help you to "Live to Tell”. Services may require a nominal fee or no-cost based on eligibility; we are here to assist where your insurance may not assist you with a stress free transition. Call now for a personal interview to match your essential lifestyle care.

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