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H.O.P.E. V.A.N.

H.O.P.E. V.A.N.

H.O.P.E. V.A.N stands for “Helping Our People Evolve through Visitation and Nurturing". This service provides that special touch with one-on-one concierge transportation services to patients in our program that have been or are affected by cancer and need a ride to and from their medical-related appointments; assistance with home visits and homecare.

Our one-on-one Non-Emergency Medical Concierge Transportation services, will provide rides to and from doctor appointments being requested by our partners: hospitals, cancer treatment centers and other nonprofit cancer organizations within the communities of metro Atlanta. In most cases, LIVED2TELL personalized services are rendered by cancer survivors who have LIVED 2 TELL their story and are willing to help patients to “Live to Tell".

Our program is geared to BUILD, STRENGTHEN and UPLIFT cancer patients and their families in their time of diagnosis, treatment and recovery by providing a needed one-on-one support system with personal mobility assistance, home care assistance and emotional support. By providing one-on-one support for recently diagnosed cancer patients, in most cases those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments in the Georgia area with some exceptions outside of the metro Atlanta area.

In most cases some of our patients’ spouses may be unable to take off work to transport their loved ones and transportation services may require a nominal fee or no-cost based on eligibility and organization funding; we are here to assist where your insurance may not assist when you are unable to drive. We are here to provide a stress-free transition to your appointment and back home.

Population(s) Served

Women and Men
All types of cancer that affects the body of a human
Adults (mostly under-served or disadvantaged cancer patient)

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