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About Lived 2 Tell


We understand & we are here!

LIVED 2 TELL is a non-profit 501(c)3 cancer support organization committed to increasing cancer awareness and bridging support for active cancer patients, survivors and their families while empowering those faced with cancer and its’ challenges. Lived 2 Tell understands the negative impact that the lack of access to a strong support system can have. We have made it our mission and purpose to pour back into our community to ensure that cancer patients have access to the help necessary to maintain a good quality of life, thus increasing their chances of defeating their cancer diagnosis.

Our Partners

We work with top Cancer Specialist in and around the Atlanta Metro Area who prioritize One-on-One patient care. LIVED2TELL is dedicated to providing a One-on-One, hands-on cancer support program with supportive services to build confidence in the cancer community, leading to a better quality of life.


Our Mission

We BUILD, STRENGTHEN, and UPLIFT cancer patients and their families in their time of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery with one-on-one support.


Our Vision

We are here to help anyone affected by cancer through our one-on-one support programs: The W.I.N. program, HOPE VAN, & The Brook Project.


Our History

Since the early 2000s, Lived 2 Tell has been active in Atlanta, GA. Since then we’ve grown to provide comprehensive After-Care Support.

The Lived 2 Tell Story

Why Choose Us

We provide an array of supportive services and educational training to alleviate fear while easing the burden of living with cancer.

The hope for a possible cure requires your help because without transportation, the patients and their families face insurmountable difficulties.

We offer the best One-on-One assistance and support to aid cancer sufferers and their families from the time of diagnosis, throughout their treatment and after.

We are spreading our Love and Support. Our donation drives are making a difference in the lives of all affected by cancer. Help us help others.

We provide the single mothers/woman, who is faced with heavy burdens while dealing with breast cancer, an outlet to release her concerns with One-on-One support.

LIVED2TELL understands the changes cancer patients face once they are diagnosed. Their quality of life can change suddenly and profoundly.

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    How do I become a volunteer?

    What if I don’t think I have enough time to volunteer?

    You can always participate by giving a donation to any of our programs. By donating you can help with providing financial support to relieve burdens and much more.

    What would be expected of me?

    It would be expected of you to show patients that we care about them, that they are valued. It’s our job to show confidence in their abilities and help them to redevelop skills.

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