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The Brook Project - Lived 2 Tell

The Brook Project

WITH THE BROOK PROJECT our active cancer patients will know that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. This program is our 1st step towards unfolding lifestyle changes after being diagnosed with cancer and becoming homeless due to either delinquent financial obligations due to cancer diagnosis resulting in no living shelter, no support system to lean on or family members in the state of Georgia while undergoing treatment. Our hope is to remove stress and advance them towards their healing and transformation back into a comfortable lifestyle. Our services assist on an as needed basis to individuals faced with a life change where becoming homeless has become a struggle in the fight with cancer. We are providing a place of tranquility for cancer patients without shelter who are under medical care and undergoing medical-related treatment. Our services include providing a shelter for the Homeless Cancer Patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments under the care of a licensed oncologist with documents of their conditions and Brook Project requirements.

The following will be provided based on the individual’s circumstances:

  • Depending on stage of cancer
  • Hotel with time restrictions per medical statement

The following will be required:

  • Patient must be able to care for themselves
  • Proof of Income to sustain a healthy eating habits
  • Complete treatments
  • Client is able to move forward in their healing process
  • Must attend and become a volunteer through our I CANcerVIVE Training – Our one-on-one training and mentoring program to help and support cancer patients, future survivors/thrivers, and their families from the time of diagnosis, throughout the treatment and after; allowing the patient to transform and walk into their healing/recovery openly to encourage someone else to not give up on their current situation – H.O.P.E.

Population(s) Served

Adults – Women with children (under. 18)
Homeless with income due to active cancer diagnosis

The Brook Project provides assistance to individuals faced with a life change where homelessness has become an issue in their fight with cancer. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!