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W.I.N. Program

W.I.N. Program

Our W.I.N. Program provides services for what it stands for Women In Need. Services geared to guide and support the woman with changes in her lifestyle after being told “You have Cancer" to equip her with an “I Can-survive" mindset when the day to day responsibilities become challenging while undergoing her treatment plans. We assist with each cancer patient’s everyday life changes by providing comprehensive services ranging from Home and Non-medical Assistance, Medical (light bandage to tube draining assistance) or Nutritional Care, Non-Emergency Medical Concierge Services-Transportation and Additional Services (with some exceptions in other city or states) such as phone support, childcare, prescription assistance, outlet from her day to day challenges to decrease the stress and worries that comes with hearing “You have cancer”. We provide the single mother/woman faced with heavy burdens while dealing with breast cancer an outlet to release her concerns with one-on-one support (with some exceptions in other states).

Strategized Points:

  • Unfold the pain or fears with cancer
  • Strengthen cancer patients to move forward in their healing process
  • Uplift cancer patients’ self esteem
  • Build patient’s confidence to want to openly share their life story to encourage someone else faced with cancer
  • Plan a yearly dinner for cancer patients – signature event WIGS ON RUN.

Population(s) Served

Women (with breast or gynecologic cancers (vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries) (Married or Single parents)
Under-served or disadvantaged under care of physician as a cancer patient

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