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Cheryl L. Brown - Lived 2 Tell

Cheryl L. Brown is the founder and Executive Director of LIVED 2 TELL Cancer Support Outreach, Inc., a two-time published author, Travel Advisor, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual and Emotional Coach. She’s blessed to be the mother of three adult children and two grandchildren. She’s also a three-time cancer THRIVER and a woman of God determined to advocate and serve the cancer community.

She founded LIVED2TELL with the desire to help cancer patients conquer their fears. This is because she faced her own experiences during her third battle with breast cancer.

She was a mother facing divorce, combating cancer, and struggling mentally to survive while raising three children with no family support system in the state she resided in.

LIVED2TELL began initially by assisting one woman at a time but it has since expanded to men because no one should be left alone in their time of need.

The feeling of loneliness after being diagnosed with cancer could feel like a physical attack on a person. It breaks you down mentally, possibly taking you into depression and other hardships; resulting in experiencing financial breakdown, to even possibly causing one to be homeless, or unable to maintain household expenses.

Additionally, our founder is aware and understands how the absence of a strong support system can negatively affect a patient’s experience. With that in mind, she has made it her life’s mission and purpose to make a difference in her community. Her own battles guided her to building, strengthening and uplifting those who she touches to fight and live in the moment one step at a time.

Cheryl believes improving our patients’ overall quality of life also increases their chances of winning the battle. Thus, providing one-to-one support to patients, one-day-at-a-time, allows the patient and or their caregivers the opportunity to live to tell their stories.

Your support, whether financial, partnership or volunteering will allow us to continue touching lives and become a household name in the cancer community.

Get to know Cheryl…

I am a resilient woman who advocates for cancer patients, an inspirational speaker who inspires and motivates people, the life coach that’s gifted in guiding cancer patients during their challenges; one of the thousand Clubhouse Icons, BlackGrlsTalk Member, Ambassador of (GW3) Global Women Wealth Warriors Society, Entrepreneur and a Business Owner, the Founder and CEO of LIVED 2 TELL Cancer Support Outreach Inc.

Cheryl has become a two-time published author and a travel advisor who desires to show her clients a way to relax and enjoy life after combating cancer.

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