Committed to Increasing Cancer Awareness

Rasheta Wright - Lived 2 Tell

I am the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. When my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was young, unequipped, and not knowledgeable of the long term effects it would have on my mother, myself, and our family. When my mother had a mastectomy performed, Cheryl, with Lived2Tell was the first person to be there by my mother’s side. She prayed with her, offered her support, and educated her on her after-cancer care. We didn’t even know her at the time. The only connection was she learned a member of her church was in need, and she was determined to meet that need. 20 plus years later, she has become more like family to us.

Since then, I have dedicated my time to be a part of a great team of people who want to assist families and cancer patients in their most vulnerable time. This organization and Cheryl Brown, have not only been a blessing to my mother and family, but to multiple others. I could not think of a better organization to be a part of as a team member.