Committed to Increasing Cancer Awareness

Dr. Kafilat Salawu - Lived 2 Tell

I am Dr. Kafilat Salawu, the Founder and CEO of Fides Health Advocates, LLC where I serve as a liaison between patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses and their healthcare professionals while they navigate the complex healthcare system.

My clinical background as a hematology-oncology nurse practitioner, poor communication from healthcare professionals during my brother’s illness, and experience as a family caregiver to cancer survivors motivated me to launch Fides Health Advocates and serve as the clinical board member at Lived2tell. I have seen the challenges faced by cancer patients and experienced healthcare system turmoil as a caregiver. I pray my drive for effective healthcare team communication, quality care delivery, and improved patient experience will help ease the fear, anxiety, and stress of cancer patients and their caregivers.

Lived2tell is a nonprofit cancer support organization helping cancer patients overcome the challenges of cancer regardless of where they are in their journey. Joining Lived2tell is a blessing that will allow me to extend my expertise to the undeserved patient population and further my efforts to uplift others during their cancer journey.

Similar to Lived2tell, Fides specialize in providing personalized support to adult patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses navigating the complex healthcare system. My goal is to empower and assist patients in understanding their treatment options, managing their health-related decisions, and ensuring they receive the best possible care at every step of their journey

I am honored to join Cheryl Brown and the Lived2tell team in accomplishing our mutual goals of improving the wellbeing of cancer patients.